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Our Services

Our Services

The common saying is that there are only two things in life that are unavoidable and one of those is taxes.

At Deridon Chartered Accountants, we guide and advise you on you tax obligations and considerations that affect your tax bill. Where possible, we help you to make savings on current and future taxes.

As a regulated firm of Chartered Accountants, we are bound by a code of ethics which means that you can rest assured that our advice is both ethical and legal.

You will receive a dedicated client account manager who is also a Chartered Accountant that you can contact to meet your needs

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Switching accountants
really is simple and hassle-free

Your responsibilities as a client

When you become our client, we outline clearly what we will take care of and be responsible for. To ensure that we can complete our work in a timely manner, we ask for a few commitments from you.

  • Respond to our communications
    From time to time, we may require information or approvals from you. When you receive these, please aim to reply promptly.
  • Select an appropriate package
    We commit to providing you with one simple fee so that there are no surprises. By selecting an appropriate service package for your needs, you help us to meet this promise and your expectations.

  • Use your dedicated client manager
    We provide you with a Chartered Accountant who will support you. They will get to know your business and provide service with continuity.

  • Pay your fees on time
    We charge monthly to spread the cost to you and give you year-round support. Paying your fees on time allows us to support you.
  • Keep FreeAgent up to date
    FreeAgent is the primary cloud-based accountancy software that you can access anywhere and we help guide you on it’s ease of use. Keeping your information and transactions up to date allows us to do our work accurately and on time.
  • Share any relevant correspondence
    Some relevant communications from HMRC or other authorities will be sent to your address directly. When you receive these, please forward them to us promptly.

Responsibilities as a Client